Mary & Kieran engaged

I was just putting together Mary & Kieran’s wedding post when I realised I hadn’t posted their engagement session so I put the brakes on and backtracked to September of last year. When we spoke about a portrait session Mary was full of ideas, being the youngest ever lady captain of her local golf club she had plenty of pull getting us onto the course one evening late last summer so we had the place to ourselves. The weather was perfect, the surroundings were picturesque and despite the fact she was dosed with a cold Mary was right at home on the golf course, I’m not sure the same could have been said about Kieran ( lets just say I don’t think he’s really a golf man) but bless him he jumped right in and was game ball for anything, just my type of couple! Here’s a few for you to enjoy

M&Ke01 M&Ke02 M&Ke03 M&Ke04 M&Ke05 M&Ke06 M&Ke07 M&Ke08 M&Ke09 M&Ke10 M&Ke11 M&Ke12

2 thoughts on “Mary & Kieran engaged

  1. Sister of the groom here…I know I’m just a wee bit biased, but I think these photographs are simply gorgeous. And I must say, Lisa, that everyone had wonderful things to say about your work on the day of the wedding, with which I fully agreed. Fairplay to you on your good work, Michelle.