Sandra & David, Ballapousta Wedding

Here’s the first post of the New Year, hoping it finds you all well rested, full of chocolate and itching for Monday and routine again. At the risk of sounding like something out of a christmas cracker….What do you get when you cross a school teacher with an accountant? A super organised couple of course, I present to you Sandra & David, a perfect example of planning ahead and just getting on with enjoying your day when it arrives. The doubters among you might have questioned their booking an ice-cream van but with temperatures soaring it was the perfect cool me down for boys and girls of all ages. I don’t think I’ve met a groom as giddy as David before, it was hard to pin him down for photos between chatting and stopping traffic but once Sandra arrived it was like a drop of Bach’s rescue remedy had secretly been administered and a calmness descended, all was good with the world again. Even the dodgy football injured knuckle couldn’t interfere with exchanging rings, it just meant it was a better, if albeit tight, fit!

Here’s a peek at their day…S&Dblog01 S&Dblog02 S&Dblog03 S&Dblog04 S&Dblog05 S&Dblog06 S&Dblog07 S&Dblog08 S&Dblog09 S&Dblog10 S&Dblog11 S&Dblog12 S&Dblog13 S&Dblog14 S&Dblog15 S&Dblog16S&Dblog18 S&Dblog19 S&Dblog20 S&Dblog21 S&Dblog22 S&Dblog23 S&Dblog24 S&Dblog25 S&Dblog26

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