Bronagh & David’s Ballymascanlon House Hotel Wedding

It was only when I heard David’s cheery voice on the phone the other day that I realised I had completely forgotten to blog his and Bronagh’s wedding. I can only put it down to the fact that it was one of my favourites and maybe somewhere in the back of my mind I’d been saving it for a rainy day like today.

I began to panic the morning of their wedding when I rang the doorbell and Bronagh’s Dad hung out the window complete with a face covered in shaving foam and shouted there’s no-one here pet, they’re all still in town, sure come in and have a wee cup of tea! In everyone else’s house this usually means disaster -I always plan to be with my brides in plenty of time for prep photos but when things are running this late you can be pretty much guaranteed about three cars will pull into the driveway together, doors are flung open as girls vault over everyone and everything on the way to the kitchen/bathroom/bedroom and chaos ensues as everyone is trying to eat their breakfast/tweak makeup/get into dresses at the same time. But then I met the Sand’s family. Those girls know how to shake a leg when they’re under pressure and somehow still manage to do it with a smile, incredible. I have to come clean and admit I forget the name of the multi-talented lady who it seems can turn her hand to pretty much anything, (you know who I’m talking about Bronagh.) Apart from being a family friend she was a florist, shoe finder, buttonhole fixer, dress adjuster, tea maker and generally calming influence, she’d wipe the board with all the apprentice candidates and was a great help in the morning.

Tandragee is a very pretty little church near Bronagh’s home and following their ceremony we headed to the Ballymascanlon House Hotel. Having played golf there the day before David had watched another couple celebrate their day in the glorious sunshine and had his fingers crossed for the same weather,miraculously they beat the odds and got two nice days in a row, long hot summer here we come.

I challenge you to find a photo where they aren’t looking at each other with either a smile or a look of absolute joy on their faces, it’s contagious, I’m here smiling as I post this. Their day was fun filled from start to finish and they were so in sync right down to the gifts they exchanged- maybe they cheated and specified it had to be jewellery- me, I’ll always opt for the romantic daydream- by the way David I hope you’re still texting her everyday! B&Dblog01B&Dblog02B&Dblog03B&Dblog04B&Dblog05B&Dblog06B&Dblog07B&Dblog08B&Dblog09B&Dblog10B&Dblog11B&Dblog12B&Dblog13B&Dblog14B&Dblog15B&Dblog16B&Dblog17B&Dblog18B&Dblog19B&Dblog20B&Dblog21B&Dblog22B&Dblog23B&Dblog24B&Dblog25B&Dblog26B&Dblog27B&Dblog28B&Dblog29B&Dblog30B&Dblog31B&Dblog32B&Dblog33B&Dblog34B&Dblog35B&Dblog36B&Dblog37B&Dblog38B&Dblog39B&Dblog40B&Dblog41B&Dblog42B&Dblog43