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Caitriona & Colin, Bellingham Castle Wedding

I’m delighted to share the gorgeous wedding of Caitriona & Colin in the majestic surroundings of Monaghan Cathedral ( quick tip, hang onto your veil at the breezy hilltop!) and the equally magical surroundings of Bellingham Castle. They wanted to keep things nice and relaxed so they could just get on with enjoying everything and with groomsmen who were even giddier than the bridesmaids they laughed and smiled their way through the day.  Colins Aunt was in charge of the delicious nibbles in the kitchen so a big shout out to Dinkins bakery for the mouth watering caca mills. Thanks so much for inviting me to share your day guys!C&Cblog01  C&Cblog02 C&Cblog03 C&Cblog04 C&Cblog05 C&Cblog06 C&Cblog07 C&Cblog08 C&Cblog09 C&Cblog10 C&Cblog11 C&Cblog12 C&Cblog13 C&Cblog14 C&Cblog15 C&Cblog16 C&Cblog17 C&Cblog18 C&Cblog19 C&Cblog20 C&Cblog21 C&Cblog22 C&Cblog23 C&Cblog24 C&Cblog25 C&Cblog26 C&Cblog27 C&Cblog28 C&Cblog29 C&Cblog30 C&Cblog31 C&Cblog32 C&Cblog33 C&Cblog34 C&Cblog35 C&Cblog36 C&Cblog37 C&Cblog38
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