Kim & James’ Ballymascanlon House Wedding

Read any marketing advice and probably the first thing they’ll tell you to do is identify your ideal customer. Rather than string a load of adjectives together I think it would be easier for me to just point in the direction of Kim and James and say, there, theres my target market, it’s as much a feeling or connection as a group of words. I knew from our initial meeting that they were a genuinely nice couple who I would get along with so it was no surprise that on the day everything clicked into place.

As soon as I walked into Kim’s parents house I could tell how the banter and flow with the girls from Exhale was going that this was a very relaxed house. This was the first (and only) daughters wedding in the family but you’d be forgiven for thinking they were old hands at it given the giggles and easy mood in the kitchen. Being a “shoe girl”, it came as no shock to find a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choo’s with matching purse in the bedroom, which despite the wobble later in the day (which no-one noticed so I wont elaborate!) Kim seemed to float in all day.

Fr Rush was a man after James’ heart, a self confessed techy guy who loves his gadgets and this is the first wedding I’ve done where the entire ceremony was conducted using an iPad. After the mass the sun shone and unless there is a major turnaround from Met Eireann it looks like they possibly got the best day of the summer, here’s some highlights from their wonderful day, thanks so much to both Kim and James for inviting me to be part of it!

Dress: Ophelia Bridal

Suits: Tony McDonnell menswear

Video: Gerry Duffy

Flowers: The Flower Studio

Hair: Jagged Edge

Make Up: Exhale

Cake: Yvonne McConnon

3 thoughts on “Kim & James’ Ballymascanlon House Wedding

  1. Lisa, just read your comments and looked at the photographs of Kim and Jame’s wedding. They are beautiful. I was in the house the morning of the wedding and although I saw you arrive I didn’t even notice you taking all those photographs. You continued to work like that throughout the day so I am amazed to see the stunning results. So unintrusive, a job very well done.

  2. Yet again an amazing job Lisa, I’ve known Kim since she was a little girl as her oledst brother was one of my best friends the whole was through school, you have captured the beautiful stunning young woman that she has become, and these pictures will be cherished by her amazing family.