Anna & David Killenard Wedding

It was a privilege to witness Anna & David’s wedding in Killenard.  Although they hail from Dublin and Kerry they choose neutral ground in Laois for their setting ( Can you imagine their living room when the football is on??) and they couldn’t have chosen a more suitable setting.  The church was very special, not only was it a beautiful intimate country chapel but it is also right next door to where Anna’s Granny used to live and where her Grandparents also celebrated their wedding so it was wonderful to see them sit side by side watching their granddaughter do the same on another sunny day. The day flowed effortlessly thanks to Anna’s fantastic planning and it was a joy to work with a couple that just soaked it up and clearly enjoyed every minute. After the ceremony we headed to the nearby Emo House for some portraits before heading back to the Heritage Hotel where the party began.


Heritage Hotel Wedding photography

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