Loveheart Competition winners

Thank you very much to everyone who stopped by my stand at the Darver Castle Wedding Fair on Sunday, there was a fantastic turnout, and I hope if it was late in the day when you met me that I got a chance to speak with you and more importantly was still making sense at that stage!

I’m delighted to announce that the winners of the Lovehearts competition are……..drumroll please… Marc McHugh and Claire Harte who are getting married on February 22nd 2013. Now Claire, lets not get off to a bad start, I’m not saying your writing is scribbly( I’m thinking maybe you were leaning on your knee when you were filling in your details) but despite many attempts I cannot read your email address so please get in touch to claim your prize!!

For anyone who’s interested the number was 213, all the clever clogs who were going on the fact that theres 25 in a pack and guessed multiples of that forgot to factor in how many I ate as I filled the jar,sorry!