Leanne & Brendan’s Kilsaran Wedding

This wedding seems like a lifetime ago but just looking at their booklet cover has me right back singing the Beatles. Sponge that I am I guarantee I’ll be singing this all day, thankfully it’s a goodie. Leanne & Brendan got married on what started as a sunny August day but by afternoon the heavens opened and there was a quick sprint inside where the celebrations continued. If you look at Brendan’s face as Leanne comes up the aisle I think it pretty much¬†sums up the joy and excitement of the day and who doesn’t love a bride who remembers to pack a bag of Tayto cheese and onion for the spin in the car! A truly wonderful couple and a joy to work with,¬†“All you need is love, love, love, Love is all you need………”L&B01blogL&B02blogL&B03blogL&B05blogL&B06blogL&B07blogL&B08blogL&B09blogL&B010blogL&B011blogL&B012blogL&B013blogL&B014blogL&B015blogL&B016blogL&B017blogL&B018blogL&B019blogL&B020blogL&B021blogL&B022blogL&B023blogL&B024blogL&B025blogL&B026blogL&B027blogL&B028blogL&B029blogL&B030blogL&B031blogL&B032blogL&B033blogL&B034blogL&B035blogL&B036blog