Orlagh & Jim’s Carlingford Wedding

So many couples travel from afar to get married in the medieval village of Carlingford but Orlagh just had to pop down the hill, if it wasn’t for the Jimmy Choo’s I’d say she could’ve walked. Both having a background in marketing and advertising they were very hands on with all their details from the invitations to the table settings and room decor and it was easy to see how much thought and effort was put into everything, there were even recovery packs for the guests. With Orlagh’s Dad owning the Rover and Morris Minor which he had restored himself there was a very personal feel to the whole day.  Jim was far too cool for school altogether that morning but I managed to capture the 10 seconds where he took a breather before Orlagh walked up the aisle, I knew you couldn’t be that calm Jim! Even after the priest called Orlagh by her sisters name during the exchanging of vows it didn’t phase him and I’m sure it made for great speech material. The weather wasn’t with us on the day unfortunately but we managed to duck in and out between showers and explore the fantastic setting of Carlingford Lough before heading back to the Four Seasons Hotel for the party to begin. Thank you both for inviting me to share your day x

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