Ruth & Diarmuid’s Cabra Castle Wedding

I cant believe it’s February already and I’m only getting around to my first post of the year but it’s a good one to start with!

Ruth and Diarmuid got married in Kilkerley Chapel close to Ruth’s home and continued their celebration in the lovely Cabra Castle on a beautiful day ( I’m sure the child of Prague had something to do with it). There were so many things I loved about this wedding, not least of all Ruth’s fantastic dress complete with pockets – how fantastic is that, somewhere to store your lippy safely all day!

The scones, oh I had to include a pic of the scones, both myself and the videographer Joe were treated to homemade scones and lemonade while the girls got the gladrags on and we both agreed Ruth’s Mum should patent her recipe – when there’s an Irish version of the great bake off I’m putting her name down! Knowing Ruth’s sister runs her own hair salon I was expecting wonderful things in the gruaig department and I wasn’t disappointed, a very classic style with simple flowers was just perfect, understated and elegant pretty much like everything else on the day. Her very glam Granny was there to greet her at the church door and make sure that the horseshoe she carried up the aisle on her own wedding day was safe in Ruth’s hands.

I love working with school teachers, you can pretty much bet on the fact that there are lists involved and everything is organised to a t, Ruth had thought of the whole kit and caboodle and on top of everything else made her own personal table settings & guest signing table. I’ve just realised that I’m giving Ruth all the credit-I’m pretty sure Diarmuid had a hand in all this too, sorry Diarmuid! Anyway here’s a peek at their wedding day, enjoy!
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Cabra Castle wedding

Cabra Castle wedding

Ceremony: Kilkerley Chapel

Reception: Cabra Castle

Dress: Ophelia bridal

Hair: Colorcode

Makeup: Exhale

Videographer: Joe Finnegan


Flowers: Veronica McMahon

Cars: Dixons wedding Cars