Meet Hannah

I’d like to introduce you to Hannah, a wonderful little girl who I had the pleasure of meeting just over 3 years ago when her family came in for a studio shoot.

Shortly after that shoot Hannah’s Mum discovered her struggling for breath in her cot and to this day the doctors can only describe what happened as a sort of mini-stroke. They spent many months between hospitals and rehabilitation centers and were contacted by the Jack and Jill Foundation to see if they needed their help. Thankfully for Hannah over time and with a lot of hard work she’s made a remarkable recovery, and the wonderful services of Jack and Jill weren’t needed in the end but as her Mum says it was a blessing to know that they had that backup if it came to it.

When she found out that the charity benefitting from the IPPA Happy Faces Day event this year was the Jack and Jill Foundation she contacted me straight away to book in and support them, like everyone who has ever come in contact with Jack and Jill they can’t say enough about the fantastic work that they do helping families all over the country and wanted to do whatever she could to help raise awareness for their campaign.

Thankfully none of us know what lies ahead, if I had told Hannah’s parents the tough times they were about to face when I last met them I don’t think they’d have believed they could have gotten through it but they did and I was delighted to have them back to visit along with their new baby sister, Erin.

If you would like to support Jack and Jill why not book in for this years IPPA Happy Faces Day in my studio on Saturday March 31st, where for a donation of €25 you receive the gift of an individual mini portrait session and a desk size portrait. 100% of every donation goes directly to the Jack and Jill Foundation and all proceeds raised in Louth will go to Jack and Jill families in the Louth area.